Imprint / Privacy Policy

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The complete imprint can be found here.

GDPR Privacy Rights

The General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR gives citizens if the European Economic Area certain rights when you use services that process personal data. 

The right to be informed

Our practices are described here using simple language. Feel free to contact us if you have more questions.

Data collection / Cookies

We do not collect any information re people visiting our site. We do not use cookies or any other tracking method. However our provider may log files concerning the server accessing, without linking those data to other data from other sources. These logs typically are:

- type and version of the browser
- used OS
- referer URL
- Hostname from the connecting computer
- time of the server connection
These data are only saved for a short period of time in order to protect the company from hackers.

The right to rectification

If you believe we have the wrong data about you or that your data is incomplete, feel free to change it at any time. It is easy: you just need to send us a rectification by mail.

The right to erasure

You do not want us to keep your data? Send us a mail and we will erase any data we have. Note that your data sent following a question you have will be erased within a short lapse of time anyway, when your question is answered and there are no follow ups. Only when you are interested within a puppy and we consider you a matching family we will keep your data in order to put you on a waiting list. This is kept safe.

The right to restrict processing

We do not process your data, we just keep the data necessary to contact you when you are waiting for a puppy.

The right of data portability

If you want to know which data we stored about you, just contact us by mail and we will send you a copy.

The right to object

If you do not want us to keep your data, inform us by mail.