Our doggy-hotel for small dogs, a real little paradise

We offer owners of small dogs to take care about those during a holiday, a weekend or even just as a day-care. This enables their humans to enjoy a worries-free time, knowing that the doggy feels perfectly well at our place. At first we make a little test-run to make sure that all dogs like each-other, as our canine lodgers live integrated to our little pack in the garden and the house. They live our canine-family's normality, there are only one or two little elves more to play with, a little more chaos and loads of fun.

The dogs are taken out daily for long walk in the vineyards and the surrounding meadows and forests. On demand dachshunds can be groomed (according to the wire-hair standard), we can carefuly cut the nails, clean ears, remove dead hair on short-haired dogs. Based on our experience and very good successes in obedience, we can work with the dog and show you how to handle your little friend better. We feel very concerned about our little guests and their health, this is why we only take 2 guests at the same time.

Our conditions are:

- a perfect state of health (no illness that could be transmitted, no flees, no worms, no mites)
- the dog must be insured in personal liability 
- the dog must be friendly towards other dogs and humans
- if the dog is a non-neutered male, it should be non-dominant (please note that we are breeders and our dams are in heat
  twice a year. During this time, we cannot take non-neutered males in pension
- as we have a male sire, we do not accept dams during their heart
- we accept puppies.

Have a look at the photo-books of our little guests, we are keeping the best pictures of them for their families. The albums are growing as the doggies come back here and our greatest reward is to see them turning nuts when they arrive here, because they are so happy to be back.